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Key benefits of hiring video production company

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It was a time when business and corporate videos were thought to be a luxury part of the marketing strategies of a business. No longer. Video is now considered to be an integral component of a successful marketing strategy regardless of whether you are an individual business or are part of a larger business.

Some of the misconceptions that surround videos today persist through the years. There are a few examples:

Videos are expensive to watch.
It is complicated to make
It is difficult to figure out the right way
Might not bring much value.

The aim for this post is to clarify the myths. This article will help you understand the advantages of video marketing and why it is worth considering to grow your business.

Video is the most popular method for consumers to access content

Video is a very relaxing and simple method of delivering information in a personalized and highly impactful method. People have adopted this way of getting information. Information gathered by video is processed quicker than the text on a page. Another advantage is that the information is more durable than text. This means that consumers are more likely to be thinking about it longer than they do reading the page copy.

YouTube Videos are ranked high on YouTube

For many, it’s a surprise that the second most popular search engine on the planet can be found on YouTube ( with a significant margin). The use of video is increasing and more each day which has led to YouTube’s huge popularity. Most people search on Google to look up facts, but they also use YouTube to find tutorials or educational videos, for which there is an enormous demand.

Google Search Engines Rewards Video

Like we said, video content is mostly educational in the nature. This is why they’re extremely valuable to the consumer. Search engines are always trying to give the best results for their queries and videos often provide the worth. This is the reason why, when you search through Google as well as Yahoo or Bing videos are likely to be displayed alongside your usual SERPs (Search results pages for engines).

According to research, a site will be 53 times more likely be listed in the top results of Google when it has videos embedded on it. The reason why this happens is the fact that watching videos increases the time spent for a site.

Google sees it as an investment on the visitor’s part. If you can prove in that you’ve got something provide that is valuable, and it rewards you with top results.

Social Media Loves Video

Video is an excellent way to communicate important information in a brief amount of time in a manner that’s very palatable and easy to absorb.

This means it’s highly accessible and social media are the places where the content is shared most. 64% of people make purchases following watching branded social media videos. Social media videos also get more shares than images and text together.

This type of sharing leads to huge exposure for an exclusive audience. Video is the most popular type of content on mobile. If you’ve ever attempted to browse an article or other web content from the go with a smartphone or mobile device it could be quite an exercise.

Video content is much more simple to access than other content that is on mobile devices. With 75% of the internet traffic happening on mobile devices it is an crucial aspect to think about. Videos that are short and engaging with educational or entertainment elements are perfect for mobile devices.

Videos Can be Recycled

One of the wonderful advantages of the video format is, once you’ve got a finished item, the process doesn’t need to end there. You can use that final video and cut it into segments and then use them as shorter videos that you can send out via any of your social channels.

You can also edit the video’s content so that you can deliver a completely different message than the one you had originally.

Video ROI is off the charts

Let’s go to brass nails. We are aware that adding video to your marketing strategy will require an investment. However, we also know that more than half of business people who run their business believe that video is the most effective ROI of any marketing strategy.

Video production London is professional. It improves the reputation of the business. It’s extremely influential and very shareable to an intended audience. Due to these reasons, it can bring the largest audience to the company, build trust, and drive leads or sales.