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Why Use Translation Services?

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If you need something translating There are several choices:

DIY (lucky to be you!)
Make use of Google Translate (WITH CAUTION)
Call a friend (preferably one who speaks the language …)
Find a translator who is a freelancer (where could you begin with?)

You could also decide to join an agency!

Language agency International translation agency Language service providers (LSP) What ever you want to call us There are many advantages of choosing to go via an agency instead of the other methods mentioned above!

What exactly is an agency for translation provide you?

Let a reputable UK translation company located in Manchester provide you with…

Find the perfect man or woman for your job!

Agencies have lots of translators available. They will also be aware of what every translator can and can’t do (availability or specializations) and whether they use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that they can use …).

If you’re dealing with legal or medical document you require translation, you’ll require someone who is experienced in that field to do the job! It’s true that you might speak English but that does not mean you know the legal terminology of the language!

If we are talking about plenty of translators, we must probably mention that we mean many good translators. We work with over 4000 highly skilled, meticulously selected translators with years of experience within their special fields!

And they are able to communicate in every language you can imagine! Instead of searching for an French translation agency or a Slovenian translation company, simply connect with a provider of language services like us and we’ll locate the ideal translator who can speak the language you prefer!

We also make sure that our translators are native speakers of the language they are translating and are located in the country in which the targeted content will be used! This could mean getting a UK-based native Urdu speaker for a translation of a text in Urdu that will be utilized in the UK – phew!

Do all the boring bits for you!

Translation services do the tedious work so that you don’t need to!

It also includes performing some additional magic to help you save some money!

Project managers at translation agencies will run the text source through software for translation in order to complete different tasks, including:

Counting words
Segmenting the text into manageable chunks
Examining how much of the text is repeated

If a word or phrase is repeated later on in the text in exactly the same manner, you do not have to pay for it to be translated!

This gives the translator an idea of the amount of work they will need to do and will save you money!

The agencies also employ translation memory to ensure that their translations are uniform and produced to a high standard. Translation memory stores phrases and words that have already been translated which means that when they are used in a future text the translator will be aware what they’ve been translated before!

Additional extras added!

Translation companies provide more than just document translation!

We don’t simply translate a text and email it back to you in an Word file, but wait a minute… we can also organize your translation based on the layout and design of the original text!

This is because we are able to account for factors like the target language being a larger word count as compared to its source as well as the fact that target languages are written right to left when the source language is written from left to right…

Once we’ve finished the translation will look as a professional and clean document in its own right!

It is one of the most essential services we provide is proofreading!

Proofreading is vital to ensure that the text is precisely translated.

Here’s the things our proofreaders be looking for:

Examine the meaning of the source text to ensure that it has been conveyed accurately and in an appropriate style
Check numbers against the source text to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies
Be sure that there aren’t any elements of the text which aren’t in the source language
Check that the grammar, punctuation, spelling and spelling is up to scratch

Basically a whole load of checking!

After spending many hours working on the text and seeking to have it just perfect, they are likely to miss small errors.

You’ll be amazed by how much a fresh set of eyes can uncover!

Not a one-trick pony

The reason why translation agencies are also referred to as languages service companies (or LSPs) is due to the fact that they tend not to provide only services for translation…

We offer interpreting services, including face-to-face phone, concurrent and simultaneous!

Additionally, we offer transcription and voice-over services!

Whatever your language need is, we’ll help!

Instead of looking for a business translation company or a foreign voice over agency, talk to an agency that provides language services like us . We can handle all you require!

If you’re unsure which translator you’ll need or an interpreter, or a consecutive or a simultaneous interpreter we’ll be able guide you in the right direction!

Of course we need to be clear that all of the above is only applicable to legitimate translation agencies!

Beware of agencies there that promise the world for nothing! and those who boast about their incredible translations, but do not have any evidence to support their claims There are no testimonials from past clients or any proof of their certification…