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Cat Scratchers keep claws healthy

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Are you fed up with your cat’s destructive behavior? your furniture and anything else it could find to make its claws sharper?

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch. So how do you live with your beloved pet, but still save your beloved furniture and possessions?

The answer is simple scratching posts for cats! It could appear to be an unimportant piece of furniture, but there are many reasons to consider why this simple product is essential for your cat and mental health.

1. Cat Scratchers help keep claws healthy

Scratching allows your cat to shed any loose layers that have accumulated on their claws. Eliminating dead layers is a crucial element to maintaining healthy claws sharp and ready to go.

2. They assist cats in stretching

A sturdy scratching post can aid your cat in stretching the entire body, as well as their paws. It is beneficial for your cat since it keeps their muscles in top shape.

3. They offer a method to work out

Standing on the hind leg, stretching and putting in the wood of the posts is a fantastic opportunity for your cat let off some energy and also get in an exercise.

4. They can help ease stress

Humans aren’t the only living thing to experience anxiety and stress, your cat is too. Cats scratch their fur when they’re stressed, angry, or content, it’s an effective way to let loose their emotions.

5. Scratching can be a method to mark the territory

If cats sharpen their claws it’s a method to mark their territories. The reason for this is that cats release the scent of a gland inside their pads. If you let your cat identify their territory with scratching the cat, they will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

6. They establish an environment of common ground

If you have several cats, it is likely that your cats gather at the scratching posts out of mutual curiosity and love of scratching. This can lead to the cat scratching post being a meeting point or a spot where your cats can interact and play. Did you know that in every house with several cats, there’s an order of cats? The different levels on the cat scratcher are designed to accommodate the different cat hierarchy.

7. A cat scratcher can keep your furniture safe

It’s not just about the requirements that your dog has! A cat scratching board can keep your cat from damaging your furniture, curtains, or even your carpet. Don’t think that putting up a scratching post for your cat can stop cats from scratching at your furniture. You must lure your pet to scratch at the post instead. Try using catnip or hanging toys for them to enjoy, or placing a reward at the top to lure your cat to scratch the post.

There you go! Cat scratchers are beneficial to you as well as your feline companions. C