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What To Know About Snuff

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If you are a smoker on a regular or occasional basis and you’re considering taking a new approach, this is a beginner’s guide to smoking snuff and the way it’s used in our modern society.

It’s likely that you’ve seen snuff used in films inspired by historical periods of the past, but it’s a nicotine-based product that also has a huge fan following of late.

It’s true, believe it or not, smoking snuff remains a popular activity to this day despite being heavily associated with the wig-wearing aristocrats from the 17th and 18th century and it has risen in popularity more recently.

Without a doubt, smoking tobacco has become almost completely banned in our modern society. Not only do health conscious individuals know more about the harmful impacts of smoking tobacco on lungs, but also the UK government has also stepped in too, with a ban on smoking tobacco inside enclosed public spaces.

Many have since used snuff for an alternative method to obtain the dose of nicotine that they’re seeking. And, even though vaping is an alternative but snuff is believed to be more discreet.

What Is Snuff Made Of?

If you’re trying to figure out what exactly is snuff , in essence, it is very finely ground tobacco that is placed in a tin that is consumed through the nose. We only use the best quality snuff. It is also able to come in a choice of flavors, like the following:

Mild Lemon

How Snuff Is Used

So, our beginners guide to snuff explains what snuff is and if you’re thinking about giving it a go then you may be interested to learn the ways it’s used.

The ceremony is described like this:

Make sure you tap the top of the Tin to release the snuff
Make sure to open the tin with care so that you don’t spill the contents
Breathe in the aroma
Use a tiny amount of snuff between your thumb and forefinger. Gently sniff (don’t snort)
Have fun!

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Remember – you only have to blow the snuff into the nose’s front. If you take it too long, you may be left with a nasty cough in the throat, or an uncomfortable sensation in your sinuses. Start by sniffing small amounts of the herb gently initially, and build up gradually, before you determine the dosage you prefer.