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Choosing the Best LED Battens for Your Garage

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LED Battens are a practical and well-known lighting option for garages. Whatever your garage will be used to do, whether to store your car as well as a workshop or even a storage space selecting the best lighting system is crucial.

If you are considering the right lighting for the garage with LEDs it is crucial to know the benefits of LED lighting and how they improve the atmosphere that your garage has. It is also essential to be aware of the possibilities available as well as the many ways to use LED battens for garages so you are able to make an informed decision.

Are LEDs battens the same thing?

LED Battens are green, energy efficient tube lights that can be affixed on the ceilings of various areas like your garage to provide a consistent high-quality light output, stable and non-flickering experience. The LED battens for ceilings are not harmful and can be used to replace fluorescent tube light bulbs.

The benefits of having LED battens into your garage

LED battens offer a myriad of benefits, like their ease of installation. Because they are simple and simple to put at home, you will be able to install the new lighting system without worry or stress.


LED ceiling battens are a great way to increase the look of your garage since they offer a chic option to light options.

High-quality lighting

Most importantly, LED battens give top-quality lighting that lasts. Many LED lighting offering greater than 25,000 hours service that can translate to more than 10 years of regular use They will never require replacing , and they are reliable for when you need them most.

Replace fluorescent lighting with LEDs

In areas like the garage where you could be old fluorescent tubes lighting and LED battens are suitable to replace these. Not only are LED lights robust and bright and durable, but it also has an elegant and contemporary look which can enhance the overall design of the space. Additionally, it is affordable since LED lighting is very energy efficient and have the double advantage of saving money while also protecting the environment.

Uniform lighting

LED battens create uniform lighting. This means you won’t be stricken by dim or dark spots in your garage which is important no matter what the room is used for. To make your life easier it is also maintenance-free.

Things to Consider When Installing Led Battens for the Garage

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best 5ft LED batten light for your garage. In particular, you need to think about whether you’d prefer single or twin tube battens.


Based on the level of brightness you want, there might be a certain wattage you require to accommodate your needs. Therefore, you might think about a variety of lighting options, particularly for larger garages, or garages where extremely bright lighting is required.

Size of Fitting

The dimensions of the fitting is vital as you’ll need a light fixture that will work with your space and not overpower the space and yet provide sufficient lighting. Color is also an issue and you could choose between warmer or cooler lighting.

What size LED Batten Do You Need in Garages?

There are a variety of designs and types of LED battens that are available. They are available in a variety of sizes:


In contrast to other rooms in your home, in the garage, it could be confronted with power jets, water or other materials that can cause damage to the lighting system. In these situations, IP65 lights are an great choice as they provide an excellent level of protection against water jets and other foreign objects. If you are looking for lights that have batteries battens for emergencies can be a great option.

Most Frequently Asked Questions: Garage Lighting

How bright should garage lighting be?

The lighting requirements for your garage is contingent on the purpose of your garage. If you are using it to store your car, you might only require low ambient lighting. But if you plan to make it an office, you may prefer brighter light sources. You can select the right lumins and wattage from a variety of choices.

Which color temperature is the best to use for lighting in garages?

It will be based on your personal preferences and the purpose for your garage. If you prefer warmer lighting, select an approximate color temperature of 3000k. This is perfect for home homes. If you’d like cooler lighting select a temperature of 6600k. The daylight light. ideal for focusing on the small details and increased focus. Typically found in industrial and retail buildings.

The middle of the two tones that contrast is the 4000k color, also known as cool white, that is ideal for task lighting. It is ideal for working areas which require better focus, however, where employees will be on the premises for a long period of time. If you’re planning on using your garage for workspace or office think about the 4000K LED lighting.

How many lumens will a garage require?

As a guideline 50 lumens for every square foot of space is a good minimum standard. The typical garage size tends to be about 8 by 16 feet. This means that at least 6400 lumens are needed for a typical one-car garage, and more than double for a garage with two cars.

Which LED batten light is the best for garages?

There is a wide selection of batten lights. Therefore, the choice you make should be determined by the dimensions that your garage is, as well as the amount of brightness you need and the color you like.