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What Is Wall Tie Replacement?

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Cavity Wall Ties are essential to the repair of structures that are getting older and have get less sturdy with time. With our experience in the field and well-developed skills we can bring your walls back to their full health through carefully and precise wall tie replacement.

What are Wall Ties?

Wall ties are small pieces of equipment that are used to connect the internal and external leaves of the cavity wall. They are built into the wall’s cavity in the course of construction. Wall ties function by having the ends of each tie placed in the mortar bed on a regular basis. They are designed to fill the majority of the cavity as a means to securely join the inner lead to the outer leaf and to increase the structural stability. Wall ties also serve to prevent water from transferring from the leaf’s outer to the inner and accommodate any slight movement the walls may have to support.

What are the causes of failure in a wall tie?

Wall ties are more likely to experience failure due to two major causes; construction issues or corrosion of the wall tie. If the construction project isn’t up to the standard required, for example that wall ties are prone to end up failing over the course of. The wall ties that are cavernous may fail because they were improperly placed, fixed or cut to a length that isn’t appropriate. In addition, wall ties fail because of poor quality mortar was used for the construction of a structure, which means it fails to provide enough bond for the tie. On the other hand, natural causes such as corrosion are a common cause of wall tie failure , and this is a situation that is bound to occur and should be addressed immediately.

How Long Will Wall Ties last?

The life span of wall ties is based on a variety of factors like the location of the construction as well as the kind of masonry they’ve been constructed in, the form of wall ties utilized and many more. Some wall ties are said to last throughout the life of a structure but in reality, wall ties are renowned to last between 15 to 20 years after which they start corroding. Wall tie replacement is widely utilized and a common repair procedure that many homes need to undergo.

How serious is the Replacement of a Wall Tie?

While wall ties are thought of as a tiny component of a structure but they contribute significantly towards the stability and stability of the construction. Maintaining and replacing wall times when necessary is of paramount importance when attempting to keep the structure of a house in good condition. The sooner structural repairs are carried out on a build which requires such repairs as repairs, the less expensive the repairs will be as they’ll be able avoid any damage later occurring as a result of a delayed repair. A regular upkeep of structural components like well-tied ties is a significant contribution to the overall health and value of a property.

How to Identify Wall Tie Failure?

Wall tie failure is sometimes difficult to identify and understand how severe the failure. There are a few indicators that could indicate that your wall tie is failing and in need of replacement. One of the most common signs is the appearance of regular horizontal, and occasionally vertical cracks in the masonry. Additional indicators are when brickwork has begun to bow or bulge, or when windows reveal have begun to split and when the lintels begin to sag or lift. If, for instance, an outer leaf appears to be coming away from the inner leaf then this is a strong indication that wall ties are undergoing failure. If you want to recognize failure of a wall tie, however, it is crucial to obtain a professional diagnosis before proceeding with any remedial action since the signs that are visible could also be caused by different types of damage. They require specific tools or machinery in order to differentiate between the two. Also, once the wall tie’s failure is confirmed it is crucial to have industry experts conduct the repair procedure since it will most likely entail comprehensive wall tie replacement.

What is Wall Tie Replacement?

Replacement of wall ties is the process underwent when it’s been discovered that the current wall tie has failed and have stopped functioning as needed. The wall ties are taken away and replaced with new ones instead. The replacement of wall ties is an easy task even though it’s one that must be handled by professionals in the field such as us. Different wall ties have different uses, for instance, the ones used to construct the walls of a new building should not be utilized for replacement of wall ties. The different types of wall ties that are the most frequently used are mechanical wall ties helical wall ties, resin wall ties, and brickwork tie. To determine which kind and size of tie you require, please feel free to get in contact with one of our experts who will give you a no-cost consultation. The process of replacing a wall tie involves first identifying the locations of existing wall ties. This is normally carried out using an instrument called a metal detector. After this is done the new wall tie are now able to be put in place by having them placed in a manner that is staggered from the wall ties that were originally in place.