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Why Use Professionals For London IT Support?

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Remote IT support may be instrumental in improving productivity in businesses that have their team working at home. It is evident that the pandemic has triggered an entirely new methods we work in and many companies are entering the world of hybrid and remote working. The uncertainty about limitations has meant that many companies are continuing to offer more remote work options for their employees in the long in the long run. This isn’t something that COVID can do, hybrid working is certainly going to be around for the long haul. Do you have the right IT infrastructure in place to accommodate this?

There are lots of benefits when you have remote IT support for your business, even if you are staying with a traditional approach to working in an office. Let’s examine the primary reasons for remote IT support can help grow your business and reduce barriers to success.

1. Empowering remote workers

No matter if your staff members work from your head office and satellite offices, or from their homes, they should all get the same level of IT support. One of the most appealing aspects concerning remote IT support is that no matter which location you file a ticket from, the process of responding is common. So, if your employees work at home, and have technical difficulties, they aren’t on their own. With the right resources at hand for them, their IT problems will be fixed quickly and efficiently.

2. Protect your business

People working from home will often be using their own internet connection, which may not be quite as safe as the one you have running in the office. Having remote IT support means that updates and patches can be easily applied and the antivirus software can be installed correctly.

3. You can leave it to the professionals

With on-site IT, you are pretty much limited to whoever is at work for the time you need to resolve your problem. If you choose remote IT support provider this means that your query will be allocated to the person on the team best capable of handling it. If your team members submit an email request for assistance, you will have access to a team of experts that have a wide range of expertise.

4. Solutions that can scale

Remote IT support is able to grow as your company expands, and it can completely eliminate the need for companies to pay for internal IT support. The monthly retainer you have with an IT support firm will need to be periodically reviewed to ensure that the service remains in line with the requirements of the company. With standardised procedures already in place, remote IT assistance allows new employees to become proficient fast once they’re onboarded.

5. Reduced time to shut down

There’s nothing worse than being locked out of the system or program for hours that leaves your team sitting there twiddling their thumbs. There needs to be a procedure in place to ensure that, if it happens, the business can get back online fast. Another benefit from remote IT help is they are in a position to quickly respond to any issue that may arise, to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

Successful remote working needs to include a whole array of digital workplace options like Microsoft Teams, VPNs, cloud file storage and more. Here at Reality Solutions we can help with all of those.

6. Costs and usage are linked

Another advantage for the remote IT help is you don’t need the added burden of hiring or training employees in IT. Businesses typically spend a monthly retainer, based on the amount of support they need each month. This means you can set aside your IT budget in a consistent manner every month and not have to be concerned about unexpected surprises. Remote IT support is a much more cost-effective way of managing your IT systems within your organization.

7. 24/7 support

With remote monitoring and resources available, IT problems are both addressed and solved quickly. Support for IT remotely is much superior to traditional on-site support because of the wide range of support options. Your staff can call the phone, send an email, head over to live chat, or raise tickets for support when they have any IT issues.

8. Proactive monitoring & maintenance

The greatest benefit of having remote IT support is the proactive approach as opposed to a reactive approach. Remote monitoring is installed on critical technology assets, like servers as well as remote IT support, the remote support team will be notified immediately there are problems. It could be up to an hour before the issue becomes a problem for the company. This also means that experts are able to take action and fix problems before they become too serious.

Here you go the major benefits for remote IT support London. To learn more about the bespoke support package that we could put together for your business, please get in touch with us.