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Escape to Paradise at The View At The Palm

Are you planning to take in one of the most stunning views in Dubai at The View at the Palm? Find out everything you should be aware of this amazing location before you visit!

The View from The Palm is a stunning place to get the best views of Palm Jumeirah which is a human-made island that resembles the palm tree from a birds-eye view.

Palm Jumeirah took close to six years to construct and the artificial island now houses highly luxurious residential areas and luxury hotels, eateries, shopping centers and amazing attraction.

Although most travelers take a trip to Palm Jumeirah on their Dubai schedule, many don’t realize how to appreciate the stunning form of the island isn’t through a visit instead of atop it. That’s what you’ll do in The View at the Palm.

It is located on the 52nd floor, it provides amazing 360-degree view of the Persian Gulf, the island and the city from where you sit seven feet (240 metres) from the floor. This is one of the highest views in Dubai. Absolutely one of the top views of Dubai!

In the past couple of years living in Dubai I’ve been to many sights and viewpoints. I really enjoyed this site and would highly recommend it when you’ve been to Burj Khalifa Observatory and Sky Views Dubai. But if you’re only having just a couple of days to spend in Dubai I’d recommend skipping this one simply because it’s not possible to complete everything!

The View from Palm Opening Hours. Palm Opening Hours

View at the Palm is open from Monday to Thursday. View at the Palm opens Monday through Thursday, from 9 AM until 10 pm, and on Friday through Sunday, between 9 AM and 12 AM. The last entry will be one hour prior to closing time.

How to get to The View at the Palm, Dubai

The location at The View at the Palm Location of The View at the Palm The View at the Palm can be directly linked with the Nakheel Mall Rooftop.

The easiest method to get there is via taxi. I generally make use of the Careem app to make calls to taxis throughout Dubai.

If you prefer to reach Nakheel Mall by public transportation it is necessary to reach Palm Gateway, and then use the monorail to Nakheel Mall station.

You could also use the red metro line until Al Khail Metro Station or Dubai Internet City Metro station and then take a taxi or a tram until Palm Gateway where you’ll take the monorail. Find Dubai’s monorail timetable here.

In all honesty. I prefer public transportation the majority times in Dubai However, this is among instances when I’d rather prefer a taxi as it can save you lots of time and stress.

After entering the mall, go up to the roof and follow the signs to The View at the Palm.

The View at the Palm only is accessible with tickets that are timed which is why I suggest purchasing tickets online prior to going. It is possible to purchase The View at the Palm tickets at the gate however you may be waiting for a long time if you opt to book them online (and there aren’t any skip-the line or fast-track advantages!)

After you’ve received your ticket, be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot so that you don’t risk losing the time slot you have booked.

The View from Palm Observatory Palm Observatory Admission Ticket allows you to pick whether you wish to visit during non-prime or prime hours so that you can choose between views of sunset or less crowds (and less entry fees!) When you book. If you opt for when you book. Special Sunrise ticket, it’s much more affordable (but you’ll need to get up earlier! ).

If you want to experience a more luxurious experience take advantage of breakfast or drinks Admission Tickets that grant an access into the lounge for VIP guests, delicious breakfast and coffee or two of the home beverages of your choice that you can enjoy as you enjoy the view.

What’s on the menu What You’ll Find The View at the Palm

View at the Palm View at the Palm is the perfect spot to truly appreciate the famous Palm Jumeirah Island, which is one among the United Arab Emirates’ world-renowned landmarks.

The palm’s shape, which is encircled by a circle, is only visible from the top, which is why it is so popular to take in the sights of the world-renowned attractions and the stunning Dubai skyline.

Journey to 52nd floor begins with an interactive elevator ride lasting 45 seconds that shows the sky and sea everywhere, immersing you in stunning views right from the start.

At The View at the Palm you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying the 360-degree panoramic views from Palm Jumeirah through the floor-to-ceiling huge windows. This is the reason I included this place on my list of most enjoyable activities to experience in Dubai!

It is located at 787ft (240 metres) higher than the island and facing directly towards it the observation deck offers an ideal place to enjoy the aerial views of Palm Dubai, the city’s most famous artificial island.

As one of the top viewing decks available in Dubai the platform for viewing located at The Palm Tower offers a stunning view of Dubai. Palm Tower also features an outdoor terrace that offers uninterrupted panoramic views over Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf and the stunning Dubai Skyline.

In addition to taking advantage from the viewing deck, and going to The View Cafe in the evening for drinks, guests can also visit The View Exhibition in which they will take a trip through the past of Palm Jumeirah and its construction by way of floor mapping and tunnels for aquariums.

Tips for a Successful Visit

When is the best time to go to The View on the Palm?

For stunning Palm Jumeirah views during sunset The best time to go is in fact, at sunset, between 5 PM until 7 pm approximately. This is the peak moment to visit the viewpoint however, since everyone wants to take in the beautiful Dubai skyline.

If you’d like to enjoy a panoramic view over the Palm and the surrounding areas and not be surrounded by crowds, then the best time to go is in the morning and around noon, or even after sunset.
What is the length of time you require to complete your visit?

30 minutes is enough to enjoy the view and snap as many photographs as you like.